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I am an aerospace engineer and self-taught software engineer. My passion is in technology and improving the lives and livelihoods of others through teaching coding literacy. Living and working in three continents has taught me patience and appreciation for numerous ways of thinking and learning. On this website I share my software tutorials and work I have done with brilliant innovators and engineers I am fortunate to know.


I have worked on projects ranging from commercial software and aerospace engineering to STEM education.


I publish guides on YouTube and GitHub breaking down software ideas into simple language.

12 May, 2022
Turn any webpage into a spreadsheet: How to use Google Chrome and almost no code to extract repetitive data from an HTML page into a spreadsheet format.
22 June, 2022
Minimalist website deployment strategy for 2022: Guide for how to deploy fast, secure websites for minimal effort and minimal or no cost using recently available services available.
May 11, 2022
Run docker containers in the cloud for free using Google Cloud Run: Use Google Cloud Run to run containerized stateless applications for minimal or no cost.
26 April, 2022
Send an email from Google Sheets: A Google Apps Script tutorial for beginners showing showing how to send a Gmail email via a script embedded in a spreadsheet.
22 April, 2022
The difference between undefined, null and NaN in Javascript: Concepts of truthy and falseyness in the Javascript programming language explained.
20 April, 2022
Globally ignore giles in git: How to ignore a file globally from all git repos on a system.
20 April, 2022
The right way to undo your last git commit: Three ways to use the git reset command.
20 April, 2022
Build a web site with a custom domain in 10 minutes: Tutorial showing how to use Jekyll on macOS to build a website or blog and host it for free on GitHub Pages.
20 April, 2022
Where does Homebrew install files on your Mac? How paths work in the Homebrew package manager, and how to see what files are installed under which packages.
20 April, 2022
Properly install/uninstall packages with Homebrew on macOS: Introduction dependency management on macOS using the Homebrew package manager.
20 April, 2022
macOS Homebrew Explained in 1 Minute: Overview of concepts and terms in dependency management on macOS such as formula, keg, cellar, cask, bottle, and tap.

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