hi, i'm james. here's some info about me:

i teach coding online on my youtube channel and livestreams.

want to build something with me? tweet me.

want to join a workshop or study session? i'm currently running workshops in:

here's some more information about me: i've been coding for about 20 years. i want to help more people (like you?) to get into software development. this is a skill that i think should be way more accessible.

i have a bachelor's degree in aerospace engineering. i was part of founding a student startup called silverwing and a community-led makerspace in delft.

i like to write. here are a few topics i'm interested in:

if you're interested in these topics too, i'd love it if you give me your thoughts on my writing!

i'm looking for people who can help me learn:

i also like yoga, brazilian jiu jitsu, and freediving.

and finally, here's some of the stuff that i've made:

my github repositories:

that's me!

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