Hi, I'm James

an American software developer based in The Netherlands.

My Work

Here are some of the products I've played a key part in.


  • Mac OS Development
  • OS X Internals

Endurance is an app that helps your Mac run longer. I designed and programmed the behind-the-scenes algorithm that tracks and optimizes your computers power usage. Learn more


  • Mac OS Development
  • iOS Internals
  • UX/UI Design

PhoneExpander is an app which clears storage space on your iPhone. I was lead developer for this project, which required in-depth knowledge of iPhone and iTunes APIs and concurrent programming to tie them to a responsive user interface. Learn more

FlowTraq Cloud

  • Enterprise Software
  • Web Stack Development
  • Big Data

FlowTraq Cloud is a network traffic flow collector and analyzer available as both enterprise and a hosted solutions. I developed the fully interactive and customizable dashboard which is the primary way to interact with the FlowTraq service. Learn more

Transit Authority

  • iPhone Development
  • Game Design and Programming

Transit Authority was an iPhone game which put players in control of the public transportation in American cities. I worked on several parts of the beta, including programming with Cocos2d, implementing traffic models, and integrating elevation and population data.

S&K Monologues

  • Multiplatform Development
  • Mobile Interface Design

This app is the Smith and Kraus publishing company's digital interface to their collection of monologue books for actors. I made the first version of this app, which involved managing the large database and designing and developing an app on both iPhone and Android. Learn more

Delft Hyperloop

  • Embedded Software
  • RTOS Programming
  • Control System Engineering

Delft Hyperloop is a project to design, build and test a student-built magnetic levitation vacuum train. For this project I am developing real-time software for the vehicle's control unit. Learn more

My Services

I'm currently taking on projects on the side! Drop me a note about yours.